Create a website within 60 minutes

What are the options if you need a website very quickly? Just say within an hour or so.

Create a website within 60 minutes
Cross the gap, quick. Create a website within 60 minutes.

Single page site

In this article, I will assume a single web page suitable for display on the small and large screen. The names for these types of simple sites with all elements on a single page vary: Single page site, Single pager, One-page website, Landing page, holding page, lock screen, coming soon. It is not only an indication of the size and function of the site, but also a trend in design.

There are several online tools for creating and managing these types of sites. For all possibilities, the hosting is done by others, but a domain can be added. That requires a bit more work and patience. The address of the site is of course unique, can contain a name and can be used as a 'coming soon' page or a springboard to another online module, for example a pop-up shop.


With this service, you can build a “one page” website at lightning speed. This could be for your personal profile, a landing page for an email campaign or perhaps something else, more extensive. The service is free but has a more extensive option where you can also use statistics, forms, your own domain and more.

Setting up a website is really quick and easy. You choose a template, adjust the captured areas for texts and photos, and you publish. I made this site in less than 15 minutes:

Single page website in Carrd
Single page website in Carrd,

Everything within is in the English language, both in the operation and in the sample sites, but in principle the language is easy to adjust. I have to wait and see whether the site can be found in a search engine, and you don't get statistics with the basic version. Adjusting and further maintenance is then again very easy.

Adobe Spark

Adobe also offers the possibility to quickly create a single page website for free. I tried the free version and made this in 15 minutes:

Spark is not only intended for websites, but also for a range of expressions on Social Media. With Spark, you can make beautiful designs, but in my opinion it is not intended for publishing a permanent single page website.


This is also a form of a Single Page, but with the aim of setting up a page quickly to point your audience to multiple places on the web. They also currently offer a free and a paid service. Setting it up couldn't be easier, and it took maybe five minutes to create an account. It is also a piece of cake, but I would not really call this a site. But this can be useful for ad hoc matters such as an event or news items.

Mobile friendly list of links in Linktree
Mobile friendly list of links in Linktree

About me

A site where you can quickly and efficiently create your own profile. With a photo, a short biography and links to the social media profiles. Works very intuitively, but the aim is to present a single person. So not very suitable for a product, company or event. Unfortunately, the free version has no statistics.

Here is an example of a site in

GitHub page

For the more tech-savvy person, there is an option to create a page for free and quickly via GitHub Pages. You place your site (publicly) on GitHub and check it for publication. GitHub Pages also has a number of templates available. This option requires that you are already familiar with GitHub, and is therefore certainly not suitable for everyone.

Your website with Github Pages
Your website with Github Pages

Hosting provider

Your hosting provider may also have other tools that can help you on your way. Earlier, we wrote about four ways to build and maintain a website.

Overview of services

This overview is not completely exhaustive and if I missed a service let me know. All the services and ways that I have listed here serve their own purpose. When it comes to building a nice looking single page website quickly, has the strongest cards in it hands. If there are long-term ambitions with the site, I prefer GitHub, hosting provider or a more extensive online service like Squarespace.

Itty Bitty

And if you want a site within sixty seconds, then there is Itty Bitty. That is more of a joke, but is a site whose content is also the URL. You can create a new page yourself, type in text and share via QR tag, URL or via Twitter. Kind of Post-It, actually.

Itty bitty:

Further reading

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