Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI)

How do I know the email you send me is from you? There is a lot of fraud and spoofing when it comes to email. There is no clear, visual sign that the sender is doing everything to protect the integrity of their emails. A new initiative called Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is about to improve this. A company is allowed to use a logo in the receivers inbox when they have checked a number of security and privacy boxes (DMARC compliancy). In order to do have such a logo displayed the company must be registered and they need to buy a digital certificate called Verified Marc Certificate (VMC).

My personal experience with BIMI

I wanted to set up a BIMI logo and played around. I first increased the level of strictness on DMARC (quarantine) and then generated a BIMI-record. I got away with some warnings and hoped it would still be enough to qualify. I inserted the information in a text record for DNS and started validating. Only to find out I needed to request an actual certificate. And for such a certificate is a waiting list. I put myself on the list. If you are interested you can maybe start with the waiting list for the Verified Marc Certificate.

The company Webdialect is in the Netherlands and so I am not sure if it can be certified already. To be continued.

BIMI Inspector | BIMI Group
* BIMI Validation may send data to a third party
Verified Mark Certificates (VMC) for BIMI | What are Verified Mark Certificates? - DigiCert
What are Verified Mark Certificates for BIMI and how does it work? Verified Mark Certificates (VMC’s) allow companies to render their brand logo next to the sender in email clients - visible even before the message is opened.