Read Medium articles on Kobo

A quick how-to for reading Medium articles on the Kobo Clara ereader. Easier for the eyes and a less noisy device.

Read Medium articles on Kobo
Example of an article saved in Pocket on the ereader

It was actually really easy. I just had to revive my Pocket account on the iPhone and login to it on the Kobo Clara as well. It is all prepared on Kobo and when you then sync the stored articles appear.

To have the Medium articles appear on my Kobo I just had to choose one and share it through Pocket.

On the iPhone

Here is an example of the workflow. I selected this article in the Medium app and then pressed the share button on the bottom:

Save to Pocket from Medium on iOS

A share dialogue appears and I find the Pocket icon. In my case it was there right away:

Once tapped there is a confirmation and the iPhone part is done:

On the Kobo Ereader

Next I open the ereader and go to articles. The ereader is connected to WiFi and I tap sync. The icon on the top row that looks like this 🔄

Kobo syncing in progress.

And there the article appeared:

Read Medium articles on a Kobo Clara ereader through Pocket app
Synced article shows up on ereader.

Ready for reading.