Make Instagram posts from your computer

Instagram posts from the browser: Small step for many, giant leap for photographers with an archive.

Make Instagram posts from your computer

Small step for many, giant leap for photographers with an archive.

As a hobby photographer I love Instagram, I really do. I shoot all my pictures with an iPhone 12 mini and so posting them is pretty straightforward and easy. Until the workflow becomes a bit more complex. Like photo’s from my archive. My hobby is sharing flower photo’s from Amsterdam but in the winter time wild flowers are rare and so I want to be able to pull photo’s from an archive. On the mobile phone I will end up scrolling and swiping like a hitchhiker out of luck 👎

Instagram will let you post from the browser

But now Instagram lets you post from your browser on the desktop. I made this post on a Mac with Safari:

Hit the plus sign

It is really easy, go over to Instagram on the browser of your computer, make sure you are logged in and just hit the plus sign and go through the steps:

Instagram, post from the browser.

A bonus for Mac users: pull your pictures from Apple Photo

On the Mac you can go straight into your photo’s as well. Instead of dragging your photo’s browse for them. In the left pane of the finder window you will find photo’s under media. Check for the camera icon:

Instagram on Safari, find your photo's

Clicking on this option brings up all your pictures or if you prefer an album. When you have a special workflow for your archived pictures, with this new feature you will figure it out.

Happy Instagram posting!

Instagram Finally Lets You Post From Your Desktop
Soon you won’t need the Instagram app to post on Instagram.