Slides on LinkedIn

How to make LinkedIn slides? The short story: save a presentation as PDF and upload as document with a LinkedIn post.

Slides on LinkedIn
Make LinkedIn slides, for instance, on how to use humans for scale. 

I really like the slideshows on LinkedIn and wanted to try as well. They turned out OK, and so I want to share how it's done.

Make a presentation

Personally, I use Keynote from Apple, but I am pretty sure you can use PowerPoint or Google Slides as well. Pick a good design template and come up with an engaging, short story you would want to share.

To get me going, I shared a photo tip: How to use humans for scale on large objects.

My post in LinkedIn. On desktop, through a browser.

Wrap the presentation up, save it and export to PDF. Open LinkedIn, start a post and upload the PDF as document. Explain the slides and post.


My next steps

Now that they are live, I am confident I will learn new tricks, from a storytelling point of view but also from a technology, platform point of view. I am curious to see how people react and which analytics I get to see.

In the coming days I will experiment a bit more and also see how to apply some branding to the slides.

Rob Hoeijmakers on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Slides Experimental Play
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