Free e-books on your Kobo using a computer

How do you put copyright free e-books on the Kobo e-reader using a computer?

Free e-books on your Kobo using a computer
E-books to your Kobo

In an earlier article, I explained how to get free e-books on your Kobo using an iPhone. Now, I explain how to do this with a computer. And actually, that is pretty easy, and I explain the process in 3 steps.

  1. Find and download a book
  2. Connect the Kobo e-reader
  3. Transfer the e-book

Do you already know where to find e-books? You could try Gutenberg or Z-Library.

Find and download the e-book

First, you download the e-book you want. There are three rules to apply. First, make sure you have the proper rights for the book; otherwise you are pirating. Second, the file needs to have the EPUB format. And third and last, the e-book should not have a Digital Rights Management (DRM) on it.

If all three conditions are met, download the file to a folder on your computer. It will look similar to this:

E-book in EPUB format on the computer

Note that I use a Mac, so it might look a bit different on your computer. The main point is that the file is visible for later steps.

Connect the Kobo e-reader

Attach the Kobo e-reader to your computer using the micro USB-cable. When the e-reader is attached, there will be a prompt on the screen asking for connection. Confirm the “Connect” option.

Connect with a cable and connect with e-ereader

After you have done this, the e-reader should appear as a drive on your computer.

The KOBO as a drive on my computer.

Transfer the e-book

So now you have a legal copy of an e-book, with no DRM, on your computer, and you connected the e-reader. The Kobo now acts as a drive. Now you can transfer the file from computer to drive. Drag it with the mouse or copy and paste. Once that is done, disconnect the e-reader again by clicking the button on it.

When all is good, the e-reader will import and index your new e-book, and it will appear in your library.

You can also disconnect the cable if you like.

If necessary you can also move multiple e-books to the e-reader in one go.

Tip: make sure you have the right micro USB-cable. The proper cable will charge and transfer data, but the wrong one will only charge.
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