Ethereum timeline

Short timeline to keep track of Ethereum timeline. From 2011 to 2018.
Ethereum timeline


Late winter

Vitalik starts learning about Bitcoin, writing for Bitcoin Weekly

June 1

Gawker article, “The Underground Website Where You Can Buy Any Drug Imaginable,” is published

Bitcoin price shoots up from less than $9 to almost $32 within a week


Vitalik becomes a writer for Bitcoin Magazine



Bitcoin Magazine publishes its inaugural issue

Vitalik graduates from high school


Vitalik begins at University of Waterloo



Vitalik decides to take time off from school


Vitalik decides to extend his break from school


Vitalik spends a week in a squat with Amir Taaki in Milan


Vitalik spends four to six weeks in Israel; has revelation about “layer 2” functionalities on Bitcoin

Early October

Bitcoin price in low $100s

Early November

Bitcoin price in the low $200s

November 4–8

Vitalik in Los Angeles

November 8–December 10

Vitalik in San Francisco


Bitcoin price in the $400s, breaks through $800

Vitalik takes walk in the Presidio, where he has a technical breakthrough on Ethereum’s structure

November 27

Vitalik sends Ethereum white paper to friends

Bitcoin price crosses $1,000 for the first time

December 10–11

Vitalik and Anthony Di Iorio attend the Inside Bitcoins conference

December 19

Gavin Wood writes Vitalik

December 25

Jeff Wilcke and Gavin start writing implementations of the Ethereum white paper


January 1

Anthony’s Decentral opens in Toronto

January 20–21

Ethereum group arrives in Miami

January 25–26

BTC Miami conference

Mid- to late February

Jeff, Gavin, and Joe added as cofounders (announced on blog March 5)

March 1

Zug crew moves into Spaceship

March 5

Ethereum GmbH established in Switzerland

Early April

Gavin publishes the Ethereum yellow paper

April 11–13

Bitcoin Expo in Toronto

May 26

Skype call between Stephan Tual and Mathias Grønnebæk in Twickenham and Mihai Alisie, Taylor Gerring, Roxana Sureanu, and Richard Stott in Zug

May 31–June 1

Vitalik and Gavin in Vienna; receive call from Stephan and Mathias

June 3

Ethereum’s Game of Thrones Day

July 9

Stiftung Ethereum created

July 22

Crowdsale begins

September 2

Crowdsale ends

November 24–28

DevCon 0 at ETH Dev in Berlin


Late February to early March

Foundation meeting; decision to remove current board members and recruit “professional board”


Kelley Becker begins as COO of ETH Dev UG

June 12

Anthony Di Iorio accused of holding one of the footballs “hostage”


Wayne Hennessy-Barrett, Lars Klawitter, and Vadim Levitin are brought on as board members

Ming Chan is hired as executive director

July 30

Ethereum launches

~August 1–2

Ming makes accusation against Vadim

Week of August 9

Stephan tries to get Vitalik to change early contributor allocations

August 10

First version of MyEtherWallet created

August 15

Ethereum Foundation pays early contributors

August 16

Stephan and Vitalik argue on Reddit about early contributor distributions

August 18

MyEtherWallet domain name registered

Mid- to late August

Stephan fired

August 22–23

First Ethereum Foundation board meeting

~September 2–7

Vitalik, Ming, and Casey stay at a cabin in Toronto

September 11

Casey, Ming, Vitalik, Joe Lubin, Andrew Keys, and others meet at ConsenSys about DevCon 1

September 28

Vitalik publishes blog post about how Ethereum is close to running out of money

Board directors send official resignation letter

November 9–13

DevCon 1 in London

Christoph Jentzsch demonstrates the Slock; announces the DAO

Late November/early December

Gavin fired


January 24

ETH closes above $2

February 2

Ethcore publishes a blog post about how Parity is the fastest Ethereum client

February 11

ETH closes above $6 for the first time

March 2

The DAO is added to GitHub

March 13

ETH hits a new high of $15.26; Vitalik feels comfortable about the Ethereum Foundation’s multiyear runway


Ming reams Hyperledger’s Brian Behlendorf in phone call

April 25

Vitalik, Gavin, and others from the Ethereum Foundation announced as DAO curators

April 26

Announcement about establishment of

April 29 makes first proposal to the DAO

Taylor Van Orden’s fiancé, Kevin, flips a coin to choose the DAO contract

April 30

The DAO sale (“creation period”) launches

May 13

Gavin resigns as curator

May 14

Miscalculation of when DAO token price rises

May 24

“Ethereum is the Forefront of Digital Currency” blog post by Coinbase cofounder

May 25 makes first DAO security proposal

May 27

Emin Gün Sirer and paper coauthors call for a moratorium on the DAO

May 28

DAO sale ends/DAO created

June 5

Christian Reitwießner discovers the re-entrancy bug exploit, warns other devs about it

June 9

Peter Vessenes publishes a blog post about the re-entrancy attack vector

June 10

Christian also blogs about it

June 11

Vitalik tweets he has been buying DAO tokens since the security news

June 12

Stephan Tual publishes “No funds at risk” blog post

June 14, 02:52 UTC

Child DAO 59, which becomes the Dark DAO, emptied

June 14, 11:42 UTC

DAO attacker begins turning BTC into DAO tokens and ETH via ShapeShift in multiple transactions (until June 16)

June 15, 4:26 UTC

DAO attacker votes yes for proposal 59

June 17

DAO hits value of $250 million

03:34 UTC

DAO attacker begins re-entrancy attack on the DAO

12:27 UTC

Attacker stops draining funds

Greg Maxwell emails Vitalik, “Don’t be a greedy idiot”

That evening, developers later called the Robin Hood Group (RHG) consider attacking the DAO; Alex van de Sande’s internet goes down

Highest day of ETH trading ever

June 18, 10:21 UTC

Someone purporting to be the DAO attacker publishes an open letter about how he or she “rightfully claimed 3,641,694 ether”

Christoph publishes blog post laying out options

Robin Hood Group has phone call discussing attempting a rescue

June 19

Lefteris Karapetsas publishes a blog post explaining the options

June 21

Copycat attacks begin; Robin Hood Group rescues 7.2 million ETH

June 22

Lefteris writes another blog post walking through how the hard and soft forks would work

RHG realizes there is a “suspected malicious actor” in the White Hat DAO

June 23

Bitcoin Suisse posts a letter from the suspected malicious actor to Reddit

June 24

Péter Szilágyi posts soft fork versions of Geth and Parity clients

Denial-of-service (DoS) attack on soft fork discovered

Soft fork called off

Early to mid-July

RHG conducts “DAO Wars” (re-entrancy attacks/rescues) on various mini Dark DAOs in order to make sure neither the DAO attacker nor the copycats can cash out

Polo employee investigating identity of DAO attacker thinks he may have good leads on culprits

July 7

Christoph publishes blog post laying out the remaining issues regarding a hard fork, including how to handle the Extra Balance

July 9

Stephan publishes “Why the DAO robber could very well return the ETH on or after July 14” blog post

July 10

GitHub page for Ethereum Classic (ETHC) created

July 11

RHG whitelists the Dark DAO address in the curator multisig, hoping the DAO attacker will send the siphoned funds there

July 16

Carbonvote shows 87 percent of voters in favor of a hard fork

July 17

Vitalik publishes blog post explaining how the hard fork will happen

July 20

Ethereum hard-forks

Fat Finger accidentally sends 38,383 ETH to the DAO after the hard fork

July 21

On BitcoinTalk, people post bids to buy “ETHC”

Kraken trader emails Christoph asking to purchase his “ETHC”

Gregory Maxwell emails Vitalik offering Bitcoin for his “ETHC”

July 23

DAO attacker sends out “ETHC” from the Dark DAO to a grandchild DAO

Ethereum Foundation devs start bashing Ethereum Classic in internal Skype chat

July 24

Poloniex lists ETC

Ethereum Foundation devs continue trashing ETC in internal Skype chat; a conversation screenshot is posted to Reddit

July 25

Barry Silbert tweets that he bought ETC

Genesis begins offering over-the-counter trading of ETC

July 26

Bittrex and Kraken list ETC

ETC:ETH hashing power ratio goes from 6:94 in the morning to 17.5:82.5 by late afternoon Eastern Daylight Time

July 27

BTC-e publishes a blog saying most of its ETC was sent to Polo by its users

Greg Maxwell emails Vitalik again about purchasing his ETC

July 28

White Hat Group (WHG) rescues every last Wei of Fat Finger’s money from the DAO

August 1

ETC price rising; ETH dropping

Vitalik’s “I am working 100% on ETH” tweet

August 2

ETH falls to $8.20, while ETC jumps to new high of $3.53, 43 percent of ETH’s market cap

Bitfinex is hacked; crypto markets slump 14 percent

August 5

White Hat Group starts flying into Neuchatel to work on returning ETC

August 6

Call with Bitcoin Suisse

August 7–8

The WHG decides to return money as ETH, not ETC

August 8

The WHG receives its first legal threat, from Berger Singerman

“Fat Protocols” thesis blog post published

August 9

WHG/Bity deposit ETC to exchanges; deposit blocked on Polo, eventually allowed, then trading on Polo blocked

August 10

By phone, second whale demands ETC, not ETH

August 11

The WHG receives a second legal threat, demanding immediate refund of ETC, from MME

August 12

WHG announces decision to distribute the funds as ETC

August 16

WhalePanda publishes blog post “Ethereum: Chain of liars & thieves”

August 18

Stephan publishes an apology

August 26

Bity posts a revised ETC Withdraw Contract and announces it will be deployed

August 30

Bity/WHG deploy the ETC Withdraw Contract

August 31

Polo and Kraken deposit the WHG ETC into the Withdraw Contract

September 6

The final ETC for the White Hat Withdraw Contract is deposited

The presumed DAO attacker moves money from the grandchild Dark DAO on ETC to his or her main account, 0x5e8f

September 15

The Extra Balance Withdraw Contract on Ethereum is funded

September 19

DevCon 2 begins in Shanghai

DoS attacks on Ethereum begin


Poloniex employees realize that new owners have been added

Sometime this fall, Jules Kim grudgingly gives bitcoin bonus to Johnny Garcia

Sometime mid- to late 2016, Jules and Mike Demopoulos allegedly first oppose and then finally acquiesce to adding two-factor authentication to Polo

October 18

Tangerine Whistle hard fork

October 25

Ethereum Asia Pacific Ltd. incorporated in Singapore

DAO attacker begins moving ETC to ShapeShift

November 10

Golem ICO

November 22

Spurious Dragon hard fork


Jules and Mike purportedly oppose adding a know-your-customer program to Poloniex so the exchange can comply with US sanctions against Iran; finally acquiesce in first half of 2017



Early Poloniex employees sign contracts for options for equity in the company, though they are not approved by the board until April

January 25

EF files for trademark on “Enterprise Ethereum” and “Enterprise Ethereum Alliance”

January 31

Nine ICOs in January raise almost $67 million

MEW hits one hundred thousand visitors in January

Global weekly crypto trade volume hits about $1 billion


Jeff Wilcke collapses

February 27

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced

ETH price breaks $15 for the first time since the DAO attack

Taylor Gerring’s contract is not renewed by the EF

February 28

Eight ICOs in February raise just over $73 million

MEW hits 150,000 visits in February


Poloniex owners begin seeking buyers

March 11

ETH closes above $20 for the first time

March 24

ETH closes above $50 for the first time

March 31

Six ICOs in March raise $22 million

MEW hits three hundred thousand visits in March

Global weekly crypto trade volume reaches over $3 billion

April 24

Gnosis ICO ends

April 27

Ming upset about “volunteer” project manager

April 30

Thirteen ICOs in April raise $85.5 million

MEW hits 386,000 visits in April

May 4

ETH closes just shy of $97

In Skype chat, Ming expresses wish to buy domain names associated with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance on the Ethereum domain name system

May 22

ETH closes above $174

Consensus 2017 conference begins

May 23

SEC “crypto czar” Valerie Szczepanik makes her first comments on initial coin offerings

May 25

Token Summit

May 26–27

Ethereum Foundation delays payment to Ethereum DEV UG

May 30

ETH twenty-four-hour volume exceeds that of BTC for the first time

ETH price closes just shy of $232

May 31

Basic Attention Token raises nearly $36 million in twenty-four seconds from 210 buyers

Twenty-two ICOs in May raise $229 million

MEW hits one million visits in May


Security issues—scams, phishing attempts, hacks—pick up

Poloniex sometimes sees trading volume of $5 billion a week

June 10

ETH price closes just under $338

June 12

Bancor raises $153 million

ETH price closes above $401

June 14

Kelley, Ming, and Patrick Storchenegger meet; Kelley quits

Mid-June to mid-July

Other ETH Dev office staff—CFO Frithjof Weinert and office manager Christian Vömel—also leave

June 20

Status ICO

June 25

4chan post claims Vitalik is dead

ETH price falls, closes above $303

June 26

EOS launches its yearlong ICO

June 30

Thirty-one ICOs in June raise nearly $619 million

MEW hits 2.7 million visits in June

July 1–13

Tezos ICO raises $232 million

July 11

ETH falls to close below $198

July 13–19

Vitalik expresses to Hudson Jameson he would like to remove Ming

July 16

ETH price closes above $157

July 18

CoinDash hack

July 19

First Parity multisig hack

July 25

SEC DAO report

Thirty-five ICOs in July raise more than $555 million

MEW sees 2.6 million visits in July

Early August

Ethereum transaction count begins to consistently exceed that of Bitcoin

August 10

Anthony Di Iorio sends legal letter to Vitalik, Ming, and Herbert Sterchi

Gavin tweets to Vitalik that he could have never built Ethereum without Vitalik

August 31

Forty-one ICOs in August raise nearly $438 million

MEW hits 3.1 million visits in August


Weekly trading volume peaks on Polo drop to $4 billion, down from $5 billion

September 11

Trader from Fidelity and senior vice president from Santander hired at Polo

September 30

Sixty-two ICOs in September raise almost $533 million

MEW hits 3.5 million visits in September

October 27

Polkadot raises over $140 million in ICO

October 27–November 1

Account presumed to be controlled by devops199 appears to conduct penetration testing, as if looking for contract vulnerabilities

October 31

Eighty ICOs in October raise over $3 billion

MEW sees 3.5 million visits in October

November 1–4

DevCon 3 in Cancun, Mexico

November 4

ConsenSys “Ming must go” email chain begins

November 5

Polychain portfolio company San Pedro ceremony

November 6

Second Parity multisig attack; funds frozen by devops199

November 8

Bitcoin hard fork called off

November 14

Vitalik fires Ming by phone

November 15

My email inquiring whether Ming has been fired

November 16

Ming posts in Skype channel to “disavow the rumors”

November 23

CryptoKitties soft launch

November 30

Eighty-four ICOs in November raise nearly $1 billion

MEW sees 4.6 million visits

Early December

Ming, Vitalik, and Casey meet in Hong Kong

December 17

Bitcoin hits new all-time high of $20,000

Late December–early January

Vitalik, Aya Miyaguchi, and Vitalik’s friends have a retreat in Thailand

December 31

Ninety ICOs in December raise $1.3 billion

MEW hits 7.7 million visits


January 1

Friends persuade Vitalik to accelerate Ming’s departure

January 4

ETH breaks past $1,000 to a little over $1,045

January 7

ETH trades at $1,153

January 8

ETH hits just under $1,267

January 9

ETH nearly hits $1,321

Around now, Vitalik sells seventy thousand of the EF’s ETH

January 10

ETH reaches $1,417

January 13

ETH hits an all-time high over $1,432

The New York Times publishes “Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not”

January 20

Vitalik and board meet in San Francisco to finalize transition from Ming as executive director to Aya

Late January

Polo employees informed Circle will be acquiring Polo

January 31

Seventy-nine ICOs raise $1.28 billion

MEW hits ten million visits

Ming publishes farewell post on Ethereum blog

Aya introduced as new executive director

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