Brief copywriter (short)

A way to start writing for a website is to make a brief to a copywriter. Even if this copywriter is you yourself.

Brief copywriter (short)
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This form may seem daunting, but if you put some time into it now, you will save a lot more time and money as your text appeals to your audience and meets all your needs.

1: Your project

Briefly describe the overall project the copy will be part of.

(brief description)

In what format will the copy appear?

(e.g. a four-page printed flyer, an A5 postcard, a web page, a complete website, a downloadable PDF, etc.).

What do you want the communication to achieve?

(e.g. to inspire people to donate, to inform them about an issue, to become a new supporter, etc.).

2: Your audience

Who is the audience?

(Or, who do you want to talk to? )

_(e.g. mothers in the Netherlands between 30 and 50 who have school-going children, run a busy household and have very little free time.  Or young professionals with lots of disposable income who like to socialise with their friends).  Please give as many RELEVANT details as you can.

3: Your content

What are the main messages the text should convey?

(Give specific details - assume your writer knows nothing at all about the subject you are asking him to write about. For example, don't put 'the date', but state the actual date they should mention).

  • Key message 1
  • Core message 2
  • Core message 3
  • Etc

What is your Call to Action?

(What do you want your audience to do after receiving or interacting with this piece of communication?  Is it to buy tickets for an event?  Is it to visit a website for more information? Is it to make a text donation?  Is it to sign up for email newsletters? )

What is the main point the text should convey?

(In other words, if your audience were to remember only one thing after reading your communication piece, what should it be?)

Do you have visual material to accompany the copy?

_(If so, please provide links to the images and indicate how you want the images and text to come together.  You may just want 20-word captions for each image, or you may want the text to refer to the images directly.  You may just want the text and images to have the same theme.

4: Tone of voice

Outline the tone of voice of your brand

(E.g. Our tone is warm and friendly but not too familiar. Or, we have a formal tone but we are not stiff or unapproachable. Or, we like humour in an irreverent way, but we are never silly. )

5: Your house rules

Are there any rules your copywriter has to follow?

(e.g. We refer to our organisation in the singular 'Comic Relief 'is', not 'Comic Relief 'are', we always write letters in the plural so 'we' not 'I' etc).


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