About this site

On this blog, I write about all things related to content and marketing technology.

About this site
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On this Web Content blog, I write about all things related to web content and marketing technology.

Content is the container word for digital creations you write, draw, photograph, video record etc.

Marketing Technology, the craft to put your content and products out to an audience.  

My writing will help you to get the most value out of these amazing creations when you publish and share them on the web as content. From a creative point of view and from a technical point of view.

You will also find powerful articles on how to build an audience for the things you created and published on the web. Maybe to sell, to share, or just to show off.

And most of the photos on this blog I have made myself, and I shoot them with an iPhone 12 mini. With the photos I want to give a personal touch to the content.

Web Content & MarTech
A blog on Web Content and MarTech by Web Content Producer Rob Hoeijmakers. Craft engaging web stories with copy, images, fonts, sound and video.
Rob Hoeijmakers, Web Content Producer
The personal and professional story of Rob Hoeijmakers, how I embarked on a journey and went from studying literature to being a web content producer, storyteller and MarTech specialist.