Rob Hoeijmakers

The personal and professional story of Rob Hoeijmakers, how I embarked on a journey and went from studying literature to being a web content producer and storyteller.
Rob Hoeijmakers
Rob Hoeijmakers, web content producer.

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A clear story is the essence of understanding and action. I work with you to build  a clear story for the Digital Space.

My own story

In my own story, language and communication are key. I started out as a student of Literature, but was drawn into the early days of the web. In the early nineties I started as webmaster, combining en enriching content, manually weaving it into a web of information. More and more I got to know about software languages and tools. Instruments to automate and scale the information and enabling the teams that were working with this.

Later in my career, the success of the information became more and more important. In which quantity and quality did we reach our audience. That fascinated me, and I included Digital Marketing in my skill set.

In order to be able to scale up, I learned software development and started managing a team of digital producers and creators. With this team I build, integrated and enhanced the tools for marketeers to get a compelling message across and sell and support our products and services.

Back to the message

Now I have gone back to the actual message. The value I offer is to help you go from complex to simple. To bring clarity. Make aesthetic and sure to have it stick. To bring a message, and it is consequent actions on scale. For the teams and for prospects and clients. And for you! Do you struggle to get your message across? Check in with me, and I set up an intake.

Next to content management and storytelling for clients, I work on producing digital content together with my partner Maya Schmuki. We publish content and consult clients on digital marketing and production.  We produce open online courses and content that empower individuals in the Digital Transformation of their business on our company werbsite called Schmuki.

Rob Hoeijmakers  
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